A unique blend of "Traditional" and "Digital" Skills. A successful mix.

Mary Holzer - Graphic Designer | 3D illustrator Planogram Designer | Product Design | Package Design and Illustration | Web Design

With a solid foundation in the classic arts supporting my career in digital content, (i.e. anatomy, life drawing, perspective, color theory, fontography and layout utilizing traditional tools such as ink, pen, pencil, paint and brush) I can take a project from a pencil sketch idea to a fully formed product. After studying at the American Academy of Art in Chicago I spent eight years at a Chicago area Ad Agency. Many of my designs were featured on store shelves nationwide. These included Life Savers Jelly Beans, Andes Candies, Tootsie Roll, Dubble Bubble and many more. My passion for good design and 3-D illustration skills enable me to successfully develop and produce product, branding and marketing pieces.


wrigley gum